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I love weddings. They are one of the greatest of human adventures-- a grand collection of big and little stories to be gathered for the future. As a wedding photographer, the relationship that you have with the couple is unique. Trust is everything. You are a helper, a documenter, a not documenter sometimes, a person who is close to the action most of the day. It's a tremendous honor to be given the opportunity to capture this magic day.

Each wedding couple is unique in their requirements, so there isn't an absolute set price to photograph the pre-wedding, wedding, and reception but figure on $1,500 as a basic idea of cost, plus expenses for travel outside the Metro area. This covers a day of shooting, from the special preparations before the wedding to the big event and beyond into the reception. Then there is about 4 days of processing the images and editing them into groups for showing in public and private galleries. A wedding is unlike any other assignment, a one-day capture is a week-long effort.

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