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Capturing the heart and beauty of rugby around the world is my passion!


Career Length:
2011- Present


Notable Coverage:
• USA v CAN U20 2013
• USA v IRE 2013
• Las Vegas 7s 2014
• Melrose 7s 2014
• CAN-AM 2014
• USA v NZ 2014
• ENG/WLS/IRE Tour 2015
• Hong Kong 10s 2018
• Melrose 7s 2018
• NDA 7s 2018
• World Cup 7s 2018
• Rugbytown 7s 2018
• USA v NZ 2018
• Hong Kong 10s 2019
• Melrose 7s 2019
• Rugbytown 7s 2019


Garrett Bender
Naya Tapper

Dallen Stanford
Purvi Desai
Age Ferris
Mark Price
Leah Berard
Phil Tagami
Laura Gill

Chris Babiash
Katie Sjeklocha
Sean Lindersmith
Jimmy Hanson


It's hard to write a glowing review of your own skills without sounding phony. But I think all of my references would agree that I'm always on the move, always looking for the interesting visual story, and see the world with social media marketing in mind. What draws me to the sport is the vitality of the people involved and the discipline to put in great effort on the field without losing your cool. In short, I'm attracted to characters and character. I also appreciate that rugby has taken me around the world, I love to travel and experience new situations!

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